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More than 4 Ways to Order-
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Credit Card, Debit Card, Electronic Funds Transfer, Direct Deposit, Money Order, Bank or Personal Cheque, Paypal or even Cash.

No paying for Catalogues, Browse On-line for free and pay Minimal fees for Standard or Express delivery to your door.

Ordering, Paying and Delivery Methods to suit our Customers.

Why shop with Lure World?

»  You've read about them, heard about them, or seen them but just can't find that lure brand, type or colour anywhere.
» The local tackle shop has heaps of gear, but just not what your looking for, and you don't want to waste your hard earned cash on something which "might" work just as well.
» You'd rather use the fuel in the boat than in the car sitting in traffic or driving to town.
» You never seem to be able to get to the tackle store before, during or after work.
» Don't want to waste your precious fishing time going shopping.
» You would order from overseas but the freight charges are a killer, and you have to buy half the store to make it worth while.
» You're looking for the latest in quality products.

We know, that's why in 2004 We set up Lure World, and we are committed to adding new products to the store on a regular basis.

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Story of the Month


Lure World now accepts Paypal, American Express and JCB Credit Cards. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **Just arrived- SMAK Ice Jigs - Diztek Scent - Bait Buttons - Bassman Codman Series Spinnerbaits- Zman Soft Plastics- Smak Big Fish Spinnerbaits- EcogearAqua Prawns- Wildfire Lures- BT's Lure Back- Bounty Hunter Grave Diggers- TT Snake head and War head Jigheads- ZMan Streakz- Pontoon 21 Gagagoon and Greedy Guts- TT 1.5oz Switchblades- Jackall Zagger and K-11 Hardbodies- Platypus IGFA Pre-Test braid- Jackall Squirrel 79 Hank Tuned- Spike-It Chartreuse Dip N Go- Ecogear 3" Power Shad Eel colour- Mayhem Lures- StrikePro Reaction Baits- TT Ghost Blades- Mudraker Cod Lures- Jackall Cherry D 48- Smith Cherry Blood- Ecogear ZX30 and ZX40 Prawn Vibs, VX45 and VX50 Vib Baits- Viking 60mm Crank Minnows- TT Tornado and Striker Spinnerbaits- Bozos Chatterbox and Cod Cruncha Spinnerbaits- Zipbait Khamsin Jr DR and SR Rattlers- Ecogear SX43 and SX40LC- TA Hot Pink Trolling Skirts- Viking Lures- JDC Soft Plastic Poppers- Strike Pro Cyber Vibe 35- Lively Mega Mullet- Bill Lewis Rattle Traps- Paravanes- River2Sea Octo Sniper- Decoy Rings and Snaps- Chaos Surface Walkers- Smith Sea Bullets- Brad Smith Líl Mates- Zipbaits Metal Face and Irony- Bozos Kingi Kruncha- River2Sea Bully Wa, Tango Prop, Bubble Pop- Platypus Hard Alloy leader- Smith Mebapen- Owner trebles- Bounty Hunter Kodiak- TT Vortex Spinnerbaits- Zest Jigs. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< Don't forget to register for Team Lure World to get a monthly update. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Did you know?- If you Click on the Images in the Catalogue they will enlarge? <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> As the number of items in the catalogue grows - Try using the Search function. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ If you don't see the colour or model you are looking for, drop us an email and we can get it in for you. ******************************************* Get a few mates and put an order together to save on Freight.

Featured Product

Quick Skirts$4.25
Suit All Spinner Baits, Easy to change,Long lasting Silicone, 2/pack

Newest Product

Fork Vibe 98$18.50
98mm long, 20g in weight, Fork tail Vib Bait. Super Strong 10x material. Comes with interchangeable Scent Sticks, Glow Stick and rattles to allow customization. 2x Decoy quality trebles.